The Most Important YouTube Video You’ll See about the food we eat

We often hear friends and relatives wondering why it’s worth paying a premium price for organically grown food when it looks and tastes just like the regular stuff they normally buy. Well, “The Organic Effect” more than answers that question.

If the effect of pesticides on the environment isn’t enough of a compelling reason to go organic, then what they’re doing to your body should be. The video shows a Swedish family of five switching from eating conventionally produced food to purely organic for one short week, and the results were HUGE. The Swedish Environmental Research Institute measured pesticide levels in each of the children’s urine at the beginning and end of the trial period, and they found that levels of insecticides, fungicides, and plant growth regulators all but disappeared. The mother says, "When you hear this, you think about your children. There were a whole number of chemicals removed from my kids’ bodies, and I don’t want them back.” The higher price of organic food had previously been a deterrent to the family, but the experiment showed that, in terms of health risks, it’s actually a bargain.

The video (below), presented by the Swedish supermarket chain Coop, has racked up 4.5 million views in just under two months. Let’s hope it gets millions more.

There are 234 pesticides registered in India. Out of these, 4 are WHO Class Ia pesticides, 15 are WHO Class Ib pesticides and 76 are WHO Class II pesticides, together constituting 40% of the registered pesticides in India. In terms of consumption too, the greatest volumes consumed are of these poisons.

The following is a list of 24 pesticides registered and used in India, classified as Potential Carcinogens by the US EPA: Acephate (C), Alachlor (B2), Atrazine (C), Benomyl (C), Bifenthrin (C), Captan (B2), Chlorothalonil (B2), Cypermethrin (C), Dichlorvos (C), Diclofop-Methyl (C), Dicofol (C), Mancozeb (B2), Methomyl (C), Metolachlor (C), Oxadiazon (C), Oxyflourfen (C), Permethrin (C), Phosphamidon (C), Propiconazole (C), Propoxur (B2), Thiodicarb (C), Thiophanate Methyl (C), Triadimefon (C), Trifluralin (C).

If you really care about your family's health, you should start eating organic food immediately. Some say organic foods are costly BUT cancer is very costly & deadly for humans! We at Farm2Kitchen offer all certified organic foods - so you are assured of authentic organic foods every time you shop with us. We are Farm2Kitchen and organic is us.

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