When you shop with us, it’s not just convenience that makes all the difference – but as a loyal customer of Farm2Kitchen you also earn rewards which can be redeemed everytime you shop with us. There are multiple ways of earning reward points with Farm2Kitchen and its not just purchases!

Imagine you getting rewards when your friends shop with us! Well, do not just imagine, it’s a reality at Farm2Kitchen!! When your friends (who were referred by you to Sign up with us) shop at Farm2Kitchen, you get rewards every time they shop here. Not just once, twice but for a lifetime!

Start collecting rewards with us TODAY! Your next shopping could be free with all those F2K Reward Points you have earned by referring your friends and shopping with us!

Every purchase, referral and so on brings you certain amount of money that can be spent on your purchases at Farm2Kitchen.

How it works?

All registered customers receive reward points after certain activity at Farm2Kitchen. Every action adds funds to your balance. You can spend these rewards points (money) to shop at Farm2Kitchen.com.

F2K Reward Points (Money) are being rewarded according to the following table:

Activity F2K Reward Points
 Each friend referral  5
 Every 100 Rupees spent   1
 Each order of your referral (your friends who were referred by you)  5
 Participating in Poll  2
 Reviewing a Product  1
 New customer account registration (only for new customers)  10
 Subscription to Farm2Kitchen newsletter (only for new customers)  2


All reward points are being summed up and you can continue shopping with these points (money). Unused points expire after 45 days from the date of reward.

1 F2K Reward Point = 1 INR

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Reward Points FAQs

Q. I had reward points in my account but I am not able to see them today.

Ans. Please remember, unused points expire after 45 days from the date of reward. So if you have not used the reward points within 45 days of receiving the points, you will not be able to use those after 45 days.

Q. I placed an order today but I'm not able to see the reward points for my purchase in my account.

Ans. Reward points are added to your account when we invoice your purchase. So when we process your order, your account will be automatically updated with appropriate reward points. If you shopped just now and are checking your pints balance right away, you will not be able to see those as your order gets processed within 1-3 business days after placing the order online.

Q. I sent mail invitations to many friends but I have not received reward points in my account.

Ans. In case of friend referrals, you will be awarded reward points only when your friends (whom you sent the invitation) register at Farm2Kitchen. If they do not, you will not get any reward points by just sending an email to them.

Q. I placed an order and used my reward points during payment but the transaction failed. Now when I am trying to place an order again, I see that all my reward points which I used in earlier transaction are gone.

Ans. When you use reward points for purchase and payment fails, the system automatically deducts the points from your account. If you face such an issue, please WRITE TO US AT CARE@FARM2KITCHEN.COM. Our support staff will do the needful and give you back your reward points in your account.

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