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With an online portal for organic food shopping running smoothly and serving Indian families for last few years, Farm2Kitchen is a trusted place to shop your organic foods in India. We have grown with your love and trust and now are also one of the leading organic retail food store chain in India! For the past 4 years, Farm2Kitchen has been delivering organic, pure foods to Indian families - making sure you get authentic organic foods. Our passionate team seeks out the best real ingredients Mother Nature has to offer, working with organic farmers and producers all over India and offering foods every family can feel good about.

We have seen the inability of the bigger outlets to supply quality produce that meets the high standards that customers expect. We promise YOU the best and we keep our words. 

We support organic farming & agriculture as organic farming is a holistic approach to food production, making use of crop rotation, environmental management and good animal husbandry to control pests and diseases. 

The Driving Factor:

The driving factor for Farm2Kitchen to offer certified organic products online was inadequate retail presence of organic food, not many certified organic products and an incomplete range offered to Indians. We wanted to change this!

We believe that food is more than just fuel; it is something to be enjoyed, relished, celebrated, and most importantly, eaten! We know how great food should taste and so we are always on the hunt for the best foods, not to mention only certified organic foods.

Our experience and dedication has meant that we are able to source and supply top quality food chosen by our expert selectors. We think that everyone deserves the best.

Our Values: 

At the heart of everything we do are our company values. Our core values are:

  • ♥ Offering only products that meet International Standards of Organic Production.
  • ♥ Supporting healthy living through providing high quality organic products.
  • ♥ Creating cordial relationships with customers (Farm2Kitchen Family Members), staff, vendors, suppliers and investors.
  • ♥ Developing and supporting a robust network of small, independent organic vendors committed to sustainable business practices.
  • ♥ We give ourselves and each other the freedom to succeed because this fosters an entrepreneurial spirit. We trust each other, we're open and challenging. We always behave as a team - when we're together and when we're apart.
  • ♥ We're proud of what we do - we act sensitively with the highest standards of integrity and social responsibility.
  • ♥ We are restless, always learning, always improving. We constantly set high standards and then try hard to exceed them.

The Team: 

Farm2Kitchen Team is lead by Seema Dholi (Founder & CEO), a woman entrepreneur who is committed to betterment of lives for Indian families. She started Farm2Kitchen with only one mission - To enhance the quality of life for Indian families.

The idea of Farm2Kitchen was born during her struggle to get quality foods/grocery for herself and her family when she was expecting a child. Farm2Kitchen started small but with the tremendous response it received - specially from working women; Seema thought of providing services of Farm2Kitchen to more women in our country.

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