Organic Food During Pregnancy

Huge amounts of pesticides are used in India each year to protect crops from insects, weeds and pests. Unfortunately, the same chemicals that allow farmers to grow abundant, attractive produce also contaminate our land, air and water. We consume these chemicals in the form of pesticide residues on pulses, beans, cereals and all other food items. If you’re pregnant, these chemicals reach your baby as it grows and will later pass through your breast milk!

The nutrition needs of a nursing mother are much more, because the kind of nutrition she consumes, will determine the quantity and quality of milk that will directly affect the health of her baby.

Why to eat organic during pregnancy?

Good nutrition is important during pregnancy, especially during the critical first several weeks of development. Consuming organic foods is one way to eat healthier.A great time to begin eating organic foods is before you become pregnant, but choosing to go organic is a wise decision at any time.

Organic food is grown, handled, and processed — without pesticides, chemical fertilizers, weed-killers, genetic modification, germ-killing radiation, hormones, or antibiotics.

Why to eat organic if you're planning pregnancy?

If you are trying to conceive, it’s important to note that certain chemicals in the food chain can cause sperm damage, so try to have your partner start eating organic foods before you conceive to ensure the healthiest baby possible.

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